Our work

We conceive typefaces with two very different approaches. Our first approach is achieved by digging into history. We then mix these sources and our own sketches into new shapes. We make those live between time and cultural expressions. The second one consists of creating a product with clear end usages in mind. Whether we create fonts for motion, interactive design, or print, we explore the full potential in each of these design worlds.

Our goal is to bring a broad aspect to what typography is in the 21st century. Indeed, as the digital world becomes more mobile, branding passes more and more through type design. This includes specifically the all aspect of custom typefaces and fonts.

Latin & Korean

In addition to the experience of designing typefaces and to partner with clients to create brands, we have a multicultural approach focused on Hangeul, the Korean script, and the Latin one, which alphabet is used for languages such as English, French, Spanish or Polish to name a few.

Noheul Lee has designed several typefaces for the Korean script such as Arvana, Areon, and Giparan. However, she has a sharp eye for Latin. She has developed fonts such as Areon, Ortank, Medley and Maru Buri, Happiness Sans (custom fonts).

Loris Olivier could be described as an eternal curious. Passionated by type design, he always observes from a branding and end-user point of view. In addition to type and typography, he practices UI, UX, and other digital designs. His passion for interactive design and prototyping has led him to apply the same principle into the type design practice.


We would like to sincerely thank those who have supported us during these last years. A special thank to Daniele & Joelle Catalanotto, Pascal Wicht, Romain Collaud, Philipp Neumeyer, Simeon Freymond, Pierre Wizla, Pierre Wizla, Stephane Meury, Pierre Dumont, David Mignot, Thomas Kim, Lisa Huang, Maxime Hacquard, Adrien, and all of those we have forgotten (we are sorry for that)

More information
1. TDC Ascenders 2019
Loris Olivier received a TDC Ascenders Award in 2019. This price rewards young promising designers under the age of 35 years old.
2. Morisawa 2018
Noheul Lee is the gold medal winner of the 2018 Morisawa Prize. She designed Areon, her master project, in both Latin and Hangeul.
3. Yearbook of Type
Arvana, McQueen, and Civilitate have been featured in the 2020 publication. The book is available on the Slanted publisher website.