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Explore our studio's passion for calligraphy, typography, graphic design, and interactive projects. Dive into a world where creativity meets functionality, showcasing our latest explorations and visual storytelling. Perfect for design enthusiasts and the curious, our work is a testament to the power of innovative design.


Creating a custom typeface allows you to express your brand with the highest level of detail. We collaborate with you to align your font with your vision.

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Hangeul, also known as Hangul, is the script used for writing in Korea. Leveraging our expertise in both Latin and Korean, we can create a Korean equivalent of your current Latin typeface.

Korean script
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From calligraphic origins to digital evolution, let's delve into either Hangeul or Latin. We'll start by examining historical documents, then explore and practice the script in depth.

Latin + Hangul
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Dive into our articles that span from the intricacies of Latin script to the elegance of Hangeul, all through the cultural lens of Korea. Whether you're passionate about design or curious about the scripts that shape our world, join us on this journey of discovery and inspiration.

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Variable by nature! Custom by Experience

The variable font format actually gives us these infinite possibilities on one axis to many other ones.

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Custom vision for type and beyond

Most fonts and typefaces created today are designed for use in retail. The initial intent, or brief, behind creating them is not to freeze the shape and design of a unique brand and its language.

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From Korea, an introduction to Hangeul

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